Skewed & Reviewed Application Support Page

    (1). A First screen you see on application launch: the magazine cover. To navigate forward, swipe right-to-left or bottom-to-top. To navigate backward, swipe in opposite direction (left-to-right or top-to-bottom).

    1st screen

    Tool bar and page navigation

    (2). Click Book Icon to show contents navigation pop-up. (2a) Table of contents navigation mode. (2b) Page thumbnails navigation mode. (2c) Swipe contents navigation to scroll. (3) Activates Text Editor to take notes. (4) Send e-mail to magazine editorial. (5) Text Search within magazine issue. Type search terms in this field and tap "Search" on screen key- board. (6) Show hotspots button. This button highlights areas that are linked to other pages. E.g. on magazine Table of contents. (7) Back button. Opens previous pages in the order you opened them. Useful when returning backward. (8) Go to first page (magazine cover). (9) Go to the previous page. (10) Page Counter. (11) Next page button. (12) Last page button. (13) Back to the main book

    2nd screen

    2nd screen

    2nd screen

    4th screen

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