• The next chapter in publishing

    Digital books and magazines are here, and publishing will never be the same. Verimag creates a better reading and multi-media experiences for the iPad. Verimag creates ways for people to discover published content, get more of it and do more with it. Verimag converts books and magazine publication into an iPad applications allowing an experience than no other publication method can provide. Through the Verimag platform, readers can move seamlessly between text, interactive graphics, animated illustrations and videos. >>

    Sales on the fast track

    Verimag drastically improves sales force capabilities transferring an entire marketing and sales process in a way when any product information and demos are available on fingertips. >>



  • Stand out from the digital crowd

    Facts: In the nine days since it launched its $4.99 iPad application, Wired has sold close to 73,000 downloads. JP Morgan Chase & Co. revealed that the click-through rate for iPad advertisements is a remarkably high 15 percent: the average for people viewing an advertisement online is about 0.1 (one/tenth) of a percent. Condé Nast UK, the Wired and Vogue publisher, has predicted that as many as 40% of it's sales will come from apps for Apple's iPad and similar devices.

    Question: Why, long time after the iPad arrival, a list of titles available as iTunes applications is remarkably short? Why GQ, WSJ, USA Today, PopSci, Wired, NY Times and not _put your title here_?

    Common Answer: It is expensive to develop the iPad application. You need a lots of time and money to get into the league. Major players only can afford it.

    Our Answer: Contact Verimag right now, get a quote. Smile, send your files. Wait days rather than weeks or months and see your publication at Apple App Store and in iTunes. Sell the application and sell ad space in it. Smile again. And again, with each new issue.

    Put Your Magazine in iTunes

  • Make your story rich

    War and Peace, Laos Travel Guide, Paris Restaurants, Cooking for Kids, European Art Textbook: storytelling is in your hands. Verimag makes it multi-touch and media-rich. Integrate your copy with pictures, video, annotations and comments.


    The Verimag book platform propels connections. Connect multiple books. Connect with readers. Connect readers with each other. Unleash the power of social interaction to expand your book reach and to boost your sales.

    Gain, no pain

    Preparing copy for iBook, Nook or Amazon requires certain skills. Those who try it on their own often face a painful decisions of giving up on formatting and even stripping off images. We strongly advocate the Verimag book platform as a technology superior to other e-book publishing methods. However, for those who want it, we offer optional discounted multi-platform publishing service. We strive to preserve the original book design and we use the best each platform can provide to make your book a success. Contact us right now to get your book application quote.

    Book Formatting

  • The World at your fingertips

    When new technology arrives, it tends to emulate things we are already familiar with. First cars looked like horse carriages, MP3 players emulated tape players, and eBooks strive to look and feel like a real thing. Starting 2010 things began to change dramatically. Books began to blend with media players and casual games. Magazines and newspapers introduced applications that duplicate web sites and stream content from web servers.

    The eBooks future is now:

    - A travel guide that the closest historical walk to where you are.
    - Children's book with interactive text and pictures.
    - A romance novel connecting reader with singles reading the same chapter at the very moment.
    - A sommelier guide with a video feed from the wineries.
    - A textbook that comes with chat to ask teacher questions and to discuss a homework assignment.

    Verimag is working on those very concepts with the authors and publishers who create your favorite books and magazines.

  • Magazine Applications

    VERIMAG offers three levels of application customization: Standard, Media-Rich, Custom.

    Standard Magazine Application

    Standard Magazine Application requires literally no efforts from a publisher. You already have your magazine in PDF format we need. Send the file to us and let us do the rest. Standard application development and submission takes just a few days depending on the copy size. Don't get "standard" wrong: it is about limited customization, not about limited functionality. Think it as a standard luxury car or standard 5 star hotel suite.

    Skewed and Reviewed 2, 2010 Magazine for iPad from VERIMAG LLC

    SkewedReviewed click for details

    Media Rich Application

    Media Rich Application adds animated page elements, video and sound. Add audio to an interview, a video trailers to review, a gallery of related images to an illustration or article. Make your advertisers excited about the prospects of delivering video ads to your readers. Maps ans social integration are ideal for local advertizers.

    Skewed and Reviewed 3, 2010 Magazine for iPad from VERIMAG LLC

    Custom Magazine Application

    Custom Magazine Application incorporates all the bells and whistles of the Media-Rich app elevated to a level of interactivity you can only achieve on multi-touch screen and multi-sensor hardware. Anything is possible: animated ads and page elements, mini-applications, mini-games, geo-scpecific content, custom user interface and controls, web servers integration, streaming content, private label option. These are just some of the incredible features the VERIMAG platform offers to publishers. The only limit is imagination and editor's taste.

    Book Applications

    Coming soon.

    Sales Force Applications

    We work with FORTUNE 500 companies to deliver amazing tools that empower sales force and field representatives. Interactive catalogs and order placement systems are just two of many things that shine on iPad. We will provide more info as soon as we can disclose it.

  • VERIMAG and Sound Vision Inc. have developed a platform to create interactive catalogues and presentations on Apple iPad

    CHERRY HILL, NJ 10/22/10 -- Sound and Vision, Inc. (Russia) and VERIMAG, LLC (USA) have jointly developed a content integration platform to create interactive corporate catalogues for use on Apple’s iPad. The platform was developed for iPad using Objective-C.

    An application built on the platform allows a sales and marketing managers to have a quick and autonomous access to company's product information and presentation materials during the meeting with a prospective client or during exhibitions. The platform can be deeply integrated into corporate online systems at many levels.

    The interactive iPad catalogue and presentation allow quick content navigation using the table of contents, the full text index, active hotspots, and page thumbnails. The platform comprises a built-in text editor for making notes and allows sending direct e-mails. The content that can be integrated into applications includes JPEG, PDF, HTML5, MP4 video, animation, QuickTime virtual objects (3D objects which can be engaged with via a touch screen). The presentation also may contain additional levels of information on every subject which can also be made interactive. Marketing materials in PDF, text, html or other format can be instantly generated and sent from the application as an e-mail attachment.

    Details on recently developed products are available upon request.

    VERIMAG software platform allowed to build and submit the application to Apple in less than a week

    CHERRY HILL, NJ 10/1/10 -- VERIMAG, an iPad publishing company from New Jersey, has just released a new application in the Apple iPad app store for their client, Galaxy Software, publisher of Skewed and Reviewed Magazine. The app, a quarterly edition of Skewed and Reviewed Magazine, comes with all of the whistles and bells that the iPad delivers.

    “The VERIMAG technology is a magic.” said Gareth von Kalenbach, Publisher at Skewed and Reviewed. “We looked at opportunities out there to benefit from this exploding new market that the iPad has created, and VERIMAG was the obvious choice. The platform they have built enabled us to use everything we designed for the printed version, added multimedia, and created a great user experience. Everything we wanted, VERIMAG was able to deliver in really short time!”

    “We are excited about the opportunity to work with a magazine like "Skewed and Reviewed” said Boris Tolkachev, CEO and one of the founders of VERIMAG. “They are an innovator in the gaming media market and I think with the product we have designed, we are going to be able to do some really incredible things working with them over the next number of months.”

    For more information on VERIMAG, go to www.verimag.com or email sales@verimag.com
    For more information on Skewed and Reviewed , go to www.sknr.net or email gareth@nwlink.com VERIMAG, a technology company for the iPad makes it easy for anyone, from authors to publishers and corporations, to publish their content to the iPad.

    Click here for Skewed and Reviewed in iTunes App Store.

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